Third Annual Future of Transportation and Mobility Series Event

Supply Chain: Autonomous Goods and Services Movement

Dates: March 2-4, 2021 || Location: Virtual

Tuesday, March 2

Connected / Autonomous Integrated Goods Movement

Whether it is new delivery concepts and operational efficiencies or integrated and intelligent supply chains, the future of goods movement is already on the move. March 2, featured thought-leaders who explored the future of the integrated and autonomous supply chains, from the first mile to the last.

Keynote: The Future of Autonomous Logistics Today

Chris Keefe, Vice President Autonomous Programs, North America, Aurrigo

Presentation: Small Things, Big Impact - The Future of Goods Movement

Big events have helped to shape our transportation systems and will continue to play a role in their evolution. But between each major shift are dozens of incremental changes and advancements. And it’s these small steps forward that prepare us for the next big thing. Small in stature and low in speed, autonomous vehicle supporting logistics are low-risk and high impact. They may not make a big splash, but these little robots will play a significant role in accelerating this new AV industry. This presentation will provide a deep dive into the applications, capabilities, and economic impact, with up-to-date information from the manufacturers and suppliers of this emerging technology. It will also provide an overview of how to get started, including highlights of best practices from across the industry.

Corey Clothier, Director, Stantec Generation™, Stantec

Panel: Goods Movement and the Transition to Autonomous Operations

What trends and technologies have initiated the transformation of the goods movement sector? What will the migration from labour-based services to autonomous operations look like? What should we expect next? Hear from today’s panel as they explore the drivers of change in goods movement.


  • Mark Petrosoniak, Senior Manager, Strategy & Business Operations, Gatik


  • Khelil Khelil, Manager, Business Research and Development, Strategic Network Department, Purolator Inc.
  • Wayne Scott, Senior Director of Transport Maintenance, Loblaw Companies
  • Saiedeh Razavi, Associate Professor, Chair in Heavy Construction, Department of Civil Engineering; Director, McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics, McMaster University